About us

Our Vision

"Akthasoft Solutions has always believed in giving out the best when it comes to offering solutions to its customers. And Undoubtly, it is only possible due to our strong business ethics and disciplined work environment.

At Akthasoft Solutions, we have imbued ourselves with the following values: -

1. Akthasoft Solutions believes that a solution is not just confined to quality and performance. It also factors customers' needs and behavior in a particular domain. In other words, we call it an EXPERIENCE.

2. Akthasoft Solutions recruits professionals that contain the mental strength to take up the challenge and use their experience and knowledge to overcome it vehemently. In other words, we call it DEDICATION.

3. Customer needs has always been our main contention while developing any solution and always concentrated prominently on fulfilling them. In other words, we call it CUSTOMER SATISFCATION.

4. Akthasoft Solutions understands the long term benefit of spending money on infrastructure development and technology upgrades. It helps us in customer satisfaction by offering them solutions that are compatible with latest technologies and thus, can last longer than their other counterparts. In other words, we call it SMART INVESTMENT.

5. Any software development cannot be successful without following well defined processes since each phase is dependent upon each other. At Akthasoft Software Solutions, we always followed Industry recognized processes to develop any solution. In other words, we call it LOGICAL THINKING.